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Cafe Maggie is named after the beautiful dieffenbachia plant rumored to be in the establishment for over 20 yrs. The cafe was powered by perseverance, passion, and a fight for life. Whether a heroic opportunity or sadistic insanity, this little cafe was re-established during COVID’s rampage. The truth behind making such a decision is a simple leap of faith. As someone once said, you have to take opportunity when it presents itself, as the fear of doing so will leave you with nothing to gain. With this in mind, we strive to capture the heart of Fourth Avenue and prolong this corridor of culture that deserves to live for a long time. Connecting University Street were the Arizona students bear down to Fourth Avenue that stretches to Downtown Congress, Cafe Maggie is on the corner of it all. If life can be lived only once, let’s live it to the fullest, one cup at a time.